The foodwalkingtour offers visitors a pleasant stroll through commercial areas, helping them to discover the significance that particular food and beverages have brought to the city and its people.

The foodwalkingtour aims to broaden the tourist experience from one focussed on monuments to a tourism full of tastes and smells, with the opportunity to taste a selection of the best italian food and meet special people who have changed the habits of the city’s inhabitants through their food. 

The foodwalkingtour is not just as a guide to local bars and restaurants, but also highlights a selection of outstanding sustainable products with distinctive tastes, sharing with tourists how our city has been shaped by values such as healthy eating, tradition, excellence, design, integration and friendship.
The tours have an English-speaking guide  that introduce the group of people to the places where they will have the opportunity to taste the food selected according to the desires of our guests.

We ran several tours, which were a  resounding success so that the Municipality of Milan has introduced the foodwalkingtour also in the 
Green City programme of Milan
that have taken place the 22, 23, and 24 of September 2017. 

If you are an tour operator or a tourist agency please send us an email ( in order to have more information. We will send you the english brochure of our foodwalkingtours organized for foreign tourists.